Testing platform

GTDS Global Testing Dokumentation Server

GTDS is a cloud based testing platform which documents on the scope of supported IFC data exchange capabilities of building software. It is developed in a joint effort with KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) and AEC3 in close coordination with buildingSMART. It hosts the following components:

  • “Quick-Test” for IFC files: Users can upload IFC files and are given a report about the files composition and whether there were any errors encountered. Privacy is a given, the uploaded file is stored only temporarily and is never accessible for any third party. The iabi is closely working with KIT on this service. The KIT is developing a rule based IFC testing tool which was integrated into GTDS. Further tools are to be implemented.
  • The “Application Center” documents which parts of the IFC file schema are supported by which software application. There was a lot of insecurity about actual interoperability capabilities of building software, now most applications, used on a daily basis by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide, are participating in the certification and improvement of their software. If problems are found, they are reported and documented here until they are corrected.
  • “Field Test” is a communications platform for professionals  to share their thoughts and technical information about the BIM related topics, such as IFC and BCF. Files can be uploaded and exchanged with other users  to test, identify problems and collaboratively find solutions.
  • Reports from the “Certification Center” are publicly available documents which specify each certified softwares current capabilities and where to expect problems.

The International Council of buildingSMART has GTDS declared to be its official certification authority.